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  • B O posted an update 25 minutes ago

    Please comment only with option
    1 Conitnue same way with less number of trades and winning rate above 75 %
    Option 2 , 3 trades per day on average and win rate above 67 %
    Option 3 , 5 – 7 trades a day , decreasing the risk and using martingale ( if 1 trade is lost 2 will be opened on next candle and no more after that win or loss…[Read more]

  • Here shows my ALGOs visually in this video and explains what my trades are based on https://youtu.be/od-Ei4Ju9AE It unfortunately also shows the current poor state of the market for short term binary options trading the past several months correlated to the volatility = bank buy/sell programs which I base my trading on intraday. I hope you enjoy…[Read more]

  • TOP Now only 25, -Euro per month
    Welcome to the profile of BBOptionSignal
    Allow me to introduce myself my name is BoB

    New algorithm runs from 20/03/2017 on profile BB OptionSignal
    I am satisfied with the results 67%
    I bagtested it from nearly two months 26.01.2017
    Results will be displayed on our website soon

    With Win ratio above 62% and the…[Read more]

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