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Every sale made on trade4me to follow or copy a signal provider is divided as such :


Signal Provider : Signal providers are the people you can see on the leaderboard. They provide signals for other people to follow and copy. Each provider set a price that copier will have to pay. They get 50% of each payment.

Affiliate : That’s you! An affiliate is the person that refers clients to trade4me. You can register an affiliate account at and get your affiliate link. When a client click that link, he is redirected to trade4me and a tracking cookie is created in his browser. If he later pays to follow or copy a provider, 25% of the payment goes to the affiliate. For, instance, if a client pays $100 to copy a provider, $25 goes to the affiliate, independently of who the provider is. Notice that if you are also a signal provider, you can accumulate both the signal provider commission (50%) and the affiliate commission (25%), making you earn 75% of payments made to copy you.

trade4me-sellmysignals2 : That’s us. We keep 25% out of every payment for servers maintenance, platform development, adding new features and just stay awesome 😉 As trade4me is an independent platform and is not owned by any broker, this commission is our only source of income. This guarantees that our decisions are solemnly based on the user experience and not driven by broker’s lust for profits. Whether the broker makes money or looses money based on your signals is totally transparent for us and has no impact on our decisions.

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*Notice that represents affiliate commissions as “50% revenue share”, but we present it on this page as “25% sale price”. They are actually equivalent. As we pay 50% of sale price to the signal provider, our “revenue” is the remaining 50%, from which we give you half, so “50% revenue share” = “25% sale price”.