REQUIRED Trade4me Chrome Extension

The trade4me Chrome is mandatory to receive signals. It connects to providers and continuously listens for their trading signals. When receiving a signal, it displays a real time alert and autotrade the signal on



Is it required?

  • Yes, the chrome extension receives and trades the signals, so it is rather important to have it running 24/5 😉

How to install?

      • Open Chrome and install the Trade4me extension from
      • Open the extension and login using your credentials.
      • All done! The providers you follow and copy will appear in the chrome extension and you will receive their signals.

What it does :

  • It continuously listens for trading signals from the providers you follow or copy on
  • When receiving a signal, it displays a real time alert and autotrade the signal on if it is from a provider you copy.

What do I do next?

  • Just copy or follow a provider from the leaderboard and let chrome and the trade4me extension opened on your computer.
  • Try letting your computer run 24/5 to get all signals. Make sure it doesn’t go to sleep automatically.
  • (optional) Rent a windows VPS to run the trade4me extension instead of your own computer. Check our VPS guide for more info.

Why a chrome extension?

  • You may have noticed that has been having high delay and a lot of copy issues lately as the popularity of trade4me increased rapidly. This is because trade4me communicates with along a unique communication channel that easily get saturated when a lot of copiers get a lot of signals at the same time. The trade4me server had to trade all signals for all copiers. By using a chrome extension, the server is not sending signals to anymore, it’s your own computer that will open a communication channel with and will autotrade the signals you receive. This way, everyone has its own channel which can hardly get saturated on your own (unless you send hundreds of signals per second ^^).