How to follow and copy providers?

First, open a trade4me account.
Then, you need to install our required chrome extension.
Finally, check out the provider leaderboard and click on follow and/or copy on a few of them!
Each signal they send will be transferred to you immediately via the chrome extension.

What is “copy” ?

Copying a provider means that every trading order he opens on his account will be automatically open on your own account as well, with the same parameters. You will then get the same trading positions than the provider (with more or less a few seconds of delay). However you still decide the trading amount you want to trade per signal, independently of the amount traded by the provider.

When you copy a provider, you will also receive real-time notifications for each signal via email, mobile push notifications and desktop notifications with our Chrome etxension. Note that the Chrome extension is required to copy trades on your account.

Please note that each provider sets his copy price as he desires. The price appears on the copy button itself. The provider can also set multiple price levels depending on the maximum amount you can invest per trade.

What is “follow” ?

Following a provider means that you will receive real-time notification on every signal they send.

The signal is NOT autotraded on your account.

You can receive notification via email, mobile push notification, and desktop notification using our chrome extension.